Unhealthy Soda Drinks

Say No To Soda Drinks

We want you to say no to soda, and yes to a healthy drinks including the Slim drink. One thing we can tell you that we understand, is that soda is addictive and its so good, and so tasty, and maybe you want to have one with ice chips in it, and you could just suck it down and grab another one. The problem is, soda is not good for you. It's very high in sugar, the caramel coloring is horrible for you, and it contains a lot of caffeine. Even if you switch to a soda that is caffeine free or one that a diet soda, there are some bad side effects with those as well.

Effects Of Soda

Think soda is okay? It’s not. It has bad, hidden effects. For example, your soda that is caffeine free, can still be just as addictive because of the high sugar content. Or, you're soda that is sugar free, may contain artificial sweeteners that are not good for you. An alternative is to consider healthy drinks and incorporate these into your diet. Because we know you can say no to soda, yes to healthy drinks. The sugar in sodas can also feed candida yeast that is in your stomach. There is good and bad bacteria in our stomach and sugar feeds the bad bacteria that is known as candida yeast. And you can do the right thing to keep this bad yeast from spreading in one of two ways.

Giving Up Soda

You can go cold turkey,where you give up soda altogether, but we know that this can cause a reaction where you end up with a headache because of the caffeine withdrawal, or you can get shaky because you're actually going through withdrawal symptoms from not having soda and sugar and you may feel like you're going through a diabetic sugar attack. Another alternative, and you can do this gradually, is to incorporate healthy drinks into your diet. Ways to say no to soda, yes to healthy drinks can include juices like cranberry juice. Look for a version that is sugar free. Or maybe consider orange juice, that’s sugar free or pressed and you can make these yourself, or mix the juices together as a nice healthy drink.

Soda Alternatives

If you need the carbonation because you like the bubbles, then consider carbonated water. Seltzer waters tend to have a lot of salt in them but some carbonated water will still give you the fizz if you need it. You can try a seltzer water doesn't have a lot of salt. The benefit here is your body thinks that you're still getting a soda and your goal to say no to soda, yes to healthy drinks is that much closer. You can even experiment with your drinks, and add your orange juice to your seltzer water, or add your cranberry juice to your carbonated water or experiment and get a Soda Stream machine. Just avoid using the colored packets with the harmful caramel coloring in them.

Breaking The Soda Addiction

Breaking away from soda addiction can take time. But in your goal to say no to soda, yes to a healthy weight loss guide drink. If you think about the triggers sometimes you can use these to your advantage. If you're used to hearing the soda fizz as you open a bottle of soda, carbonated water and seltzer water still make a fizzing sound and using these as an alternative, you can still hear what you need to, without having the sugar, the caramel coloring and the caffeine. You can break away from soda addiction. Drinking one or two Slim drinks a day has helped many to kick the sugar habit and get on the road to losing weight. The slim drink helps to curb peoples appetite so they eat less food. The product comes comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose except weight. Now the question is, what are you going to do with this great, healthy drink that you're making? Invite everyone over to try the healthy drink!

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