Skinny On Fatty Foods

The Skinny On Fat Is Simple

If you're trying to lose weight, one thing that you might think is that you have to eliminate fat from your weight loss and diet plans. That's just wrong. You have to change what types of fats you have in your diet. A little fat, depending on the type of that, it's actually good for the body. Small amounts of fat are good, in moderation.

For example, a little butter, a tiny pat of butter like about the size of a teaspoon or tablespoon is not bad if you have that on that potato. It's not bad, but a lot of margarine is very bad for you.

Healthy Alternatives

The skinny on fat is easy. Eating avocados are a good healthy habit to get into. A good healthy heaping of avocado is very healthy for you. This is a good source of fat, but several slices of cheese are bad for you.

A few healthy almonds mixed into a salad or in a yogurt as a part of a parfait is good for you, but a lot of mixed nuts that you got out of the Planters container with all that salt and saturated fat is bad, bad, bad!

So how do you know what's okay and what's all what's not? Keep in mind there are usually healthier alternatives to everything.

Make Small Substitutions Over Time

The skinny on fat is about substitutions. Think about anything that you want to eat and try to find a healthy way to make it. For example if you love having fried eggs and cheese for breakfast, instead of cheese have avocado and egg in a pita that’s lightly scrambled. Add tomato and maybe oven roasted turkey and you have a healthy, filling breakfast they can carry you through to lunch time, and if you have enough left over, you might actually have a second portion that you can use for lunch.

The skinny on fat is about subtle changes. At lunch time, think about what you would normally have for lunch. Maybe you have a sandwich that's loaded with cheese, or you have a pasta loaded with cheese butter and fat. Instead of doing this, have lean meats. If you do need to have cheese, have a slice of Swiss cheese which is lower in fat, or no cheese at all, and if you decide that you want to have pasta for lunch, don’t get something like a cheesy tortellini that's loaded with cheese and which is of course, is also loaded with fat, but instead if you want have pasta, make it a bow tie pasta with tomatoes and healthy vegetables like mushrooms. That’s a better and more filling meal.

Make Wise Choices

The skinny on fat is choices. You don't have to have fat in everything. Now let's just say you have a weak area that bothers you like you want to have French fries. Or let's just say you like having fried chicken all the time. Maybe you can make your own fried potatoes, which are lighter if you use canola or olive oil. Now let's just say for example that you want to have fried chicken. You should consider using canola or olive oil instead of regular vegetable oil or lard. Another alternative is to dip your chicken in corn flakes or Panko bread crumbs, which will give it a nice crunchy texture as you bake it in the oven at a high temperature to seal in the juices and still give you that crunch. So no matter what you want to eat, the skinny on fat is about healthy alternatives.

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