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The Facts on FAD Diets

In America, weight is about to become a pandemic. People are scampering left, right and center to try and get a solution to deal with their weight and bring it to a manageable level. However, the fact is that their lives are making it hard to go for weight loss methods that require one to invest time in the proper methods like working out. Instead, they are being enticed by the FAD diets and weight loss pills that offer promises of quick results by only dieting without any exercise necessary. However, these do not come without their fair share of problems. Before you decide to go down this road, here are some facts about FAD diets that you should be aware of.

Low Carbohydrate Diets

These are perhaps the most common FAD diets that you will find on the market. This is because they target the one thing that most people that are looking to lose the weight dread, and that is carbs. While this might sound like an impressive plan of attack, there are some reasons for concern. The primary one is that cutting back on carbohydrates also leads to low glycogen synthesis which can cause a variety of problems.

The first complication that one experiences is the dehydration (which leads to weight loss, but only because your body is losing water).

Further deprivation of glycogen results in the liver being forced to produce its own to sustain its functioning and this comes with some repercussions.

These diets are excellent when you’re following them. Once you set yourself back on the regular eating pattern, the body readily replaces all the protein stores that had been depleted, and the result is that the weight is packed back in, and you’re back to square one. Read about these weight loss tips and do your research before starting any type of diet or weight loss program like a 60 day slim up trim up type of plan. Some of these tips may sound like you and cover your condition.

Limited Food Selections And Daily Rituals

Some of the FAD diet plans that you will get will not have a profound plan of action. Instead, they have a ritual that you have to fulfill every day, and there are a number of foods that you’re limited to. Some of them allow them you to have alternating meals that is ideal since you’re able to meet the demands of the body on an alternating basis. However, the problem is that these programs are limited to a number of food choices and as such the boredom is likely to set in pretty quickly making it hard for you to keep up with the plan.

Food Combining Diet Plans

These are among the few FAD diet plans] that are known not to have a lot of risks if you decide to indulge in them. In this category, there are a number of foods that the plan recommends not to be consumed together. The advantage of this is that the body is not strained, and research has also proven that by controlling the glycemic load, it is possible to maintain the blood sugar and energy.

While theoretically, it is able to maintain a steady weight loss curve through the vegetables and fruits that are the staple of such plans combined with carbohydrates and proteins. There is no research to support the same theory or any physical evidence meaning that there is no proof that the method actually works.

There are a number of advantages that have been associated with the FAD diets among them being the short-term weight loss. However, some of the diet plans put your health and ultimately your life at risk and it is advised to make sure that you consult with your doctor before you start any FAD diet to steer clear from any potential health risks. The last thing you want is to get the right weight not to accumulate a huge hospital bill.

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