Dukan Diet

Eat as Much as You Like With The Dukan Diet


The Dukan diet goes back to primitive time, when all was eaten protein, grains, vegetables and fruit. Package food did not exist and that’s what the Dukan diet is all about, limiting the packaged and processed foods. As long as your diet consists of these four food groups then eat as much as you like.

Do Not Eat Processed Foods

Process and packaged foods are full of artificial colors and flavors, white sugar or corn syrups, too much salt and many other chemicals that hard to pronounce. If you cannot pronounce the word on the back of the food product, it’s definitely not good for you. Stop shopping at Wal-Mart for your food instead start shopping at health food stores, like Whole Foods. Yes, these types of food grocery stores are more expensive but medical bills are even worst. If you don’t take care of yourself then soon you will pay the consequence.

French Nutritionist Pierre Dukan

Pierre Dukan is a French nutritionist, over three decades. He is also a specialist in food behavior. Dukan has written over 19 dietary and food behavior books and is well know not only in the French culture but all over the world. Dukan’s books are translated and sold by the millions in many different countries.

Dukan diet is an easy, healthy eating plan. This diet method fits to each individual. Dukan likes to get know to know his candidates who use his diet plan, by learning about their eating histories and what kind personality they have. All interested candidates fill out Dukan’s questionnaire, which comes from best seller called The Weight Book. Filling out the questionnaire this determines the individual’s diet personality. Once the individual understands their diet personality Dukan has written each diet personality in separate books. Each diet is personalized to that individual.

Dukan believes this diet plan method works best, if you understand which foods to eat that will help that individual loss the weight. Also, understanding your diet personality helps what foods are damaging and what behaviors that keeps the person overweight. Knowledge is power. Dukan is giving the knowledge to each of his candidates and understanding about their bodies so they eat slimming foods and change their attitude towards food. Dukan also offers daily nutritionists advice and personalized coaching on his site regimedukan.com.

What Is The Dukan Diet

Dukan’s diet plan consists of eating good, natural foods and going listening to personalized coaching set up for each candidate. First use these four phases: attack, cruise, consolidation, and stabilization. The attack phase is to give immediate results from a diet of 72 high protein foods consumed over short period of time. During the cruise phase the diet understands an individual’s true weight. This phase consists of the high protein accompanied with vegetables. There are 32 vegetables to choose from. Then the consolidation phase is after 10 days consolidating the first two phases and the weight already lost the person can return to a more balance diet. The balance diet promises to pleasured meals a week. And lastly the stabilization phase. A huge percentage of people that lose weight successfully actually gain all the weight back within a year. The stabilization phase is to keep using all the phases in your regular eating and daily life. If you follow this slimming plan to the “t” then you will lose weight successfully and naturally.

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